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Data driven growth
A horticultural group that had been around for several years started off as a family owned business. Through a couple of mergers and demergers the organisation grew organically.
As they started to grow their ambitions they realised that they were not tapping into their full potential.
They engaged and outsourced a CEO to support them with running the business in a more sophisticated manner. The new CEO engaged us to start working on areas of weakness within the business to prepare it for scale.
The first area we worked on, was the transformation of the inventory management function within the business. This was to ensure they understood their inventory data including standard costing, cost of goods sold and gross profit margins on a granular level. We reviewed the accuracy of the inventory management processes and the outputs and made the necessary changes to improve that accuracy.
The next area to we focused on was improving the overall analytics for the business.
With their large scaling ambition, they needed real time data to make more informed and accurate decisions.
We introduced a business intelligence dashboard with curated business metrics. This meant the client was looking at the right type of data for the right team in a relatively live manner. As a result of this data, the business was able to make strategic business decisions, and doubled their turnover in one year and are on track to double again in the following year.

New enquiries to convert
An injury law firm wanted to improve and understand their new clients process better.
Their marketing team and advertising spend was effective in increasing foot traffic and gaining new client prospects. However. they were unaware of how cost effective the marketing spend was, nor did they understand if their prospects were being converted into clients at a high enough rate.
The new client enquiries team kept excel spreadsheets to maintain some analytical information on this process.
However, the process to capture new client enquiries manually was time consuming in addition to manually maintaining the analytical information. This began to impact new prospects, as the capacity to attend to new client enquiries was reduced.
The business engaged us to improve their new client enquiry process and design an automated way of receipting analytical information. We used Design Thinking to understand the user and recreate their experience to meet their needs. We automated the process and improved the experience for the lawyer, new prospects and client enquiry team.
A business intelligence tool was also implemented and configured to display accurate information in a relatively live manner. The team now only needed one resource compared to the three they began with and have improved their client conversion rates.

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