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Creating opportunities through times of uncertainty
The owner of a Day Care Services business noticed the impact COVID-19 was having on a number of child care centres during lockdown. She engaged with us to understand how she could take advantage of the market and scale her existing business through innovation.
We ran a Design Thinking program to help her to understand in depth, the industry and its customers. Though a number of workshops we were able to establish the problem the industry is facing and develop three innovative ideas that met the needs of the Child Care industry.
In order to choose from the three prototype concepts, the client wanted to have them evaluated. We conducted a feasibility study, the output of which highlighted that two out of the three options were financially viable. The client wanted to pursue both, but her exisiting business was not prepared to scale.
Rather than jumping straight into two new business models, we decided to first lay the foundations of scale for the existing business, this involved an automation project to implement a CRM and website based technology platform. Setting these foundations would engage and organise her current audience and prepare her business for scaling.




User experience matters

An up and coming social media platform approached us to help them engage with their customers. The platform was designed to store precious memories to replace the old fashioned shoe box of photos or photo albums.
On an ambition to scale, the business had raised $10 million in the past 12 months to upscale their technology platform and were ready to expand globally. The organisation were highly sophisticated and analytical and had great marketing nous. Through a significant investment in advertising, they saw great results of consumer traffic coming to their platform. However, their analytical review showed high bounce rates, low adoption rates and very low levels of customer retention based on the first two weeks. They knew they had a problem, but they didnt know how to fix it.
Using customer centricity and design thinking principles, we defined the different client personas that were ideal for this platform and created their ideal user story from the users perspective.
This process made it clear that the current user experience was highly disconnected from the ideal user story experience. Through our recommendations the business was able to change functionality and communication as well as the user experience flow on their platform. As a result, all three analytical metrics saw an immediate uplift.

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