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Saving a document to save the turtles
A plastics to fuel company approached us with the vision to create a cleaner planet for the next generation. They envisioned a world in which no plastics could pollute the planet and where renewable energy sources are maximised.
The business had been operating the last few years and were working on finalising their intellectual property. They had just just finished testing the first fully operational plant in Amsterdam and gained successful contracts with governments for their effective disposal of rubbish. They were ready to start adding new plants in different locations.
Their scaling ambition was to expand by adding new plants to different locations across the globe and they needed to raise capital to finance it. After attempting to draft their own investor deck they were referred to us for its review.
The document was disorganised; did not clearly articulate their story and was missing key relevant information that investors look for. We re-wrote the document and advised them on the elements required for attracting investors. After curating their narrative, we presented them with a professional looking document, one which investors could take seriously.



Funding for Fintech
A Fintech company who believes in a cashless society to enable low socio-econmic and underprivileged communities to have better access to banking, wanted to scale to meet this ambition.
The business has been operating 5 years and were working on finalising their global technology platform.
Primarily operating in Bangladesh, the organisation had a head office in the USA and a plan to scale internationally into emerging markets within 2 years. They had launched their first product and already had a customer base plus over 6 other products in the product pipeline.
They successfully entered into a relationship with a local bank and are on their way to creating other strategic partnerships.
In order to launch the additional products they needed to raise capital. They prepared their draft investor deck and were referred to us for its review. The document was prepared by technical resources, and as a result was very difficult to understand. The products were comprehensively described however, the business plan and scaling strategy was too light.
After many consultations, we reviewed and edited the document to ensure the emphasis was correct and the right language was being used to increase their chances of obtaining funding.

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