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Mattresses in a Box

Two young work colleagues approached us with the desire to sell mattresses online. They saw how impractical it was for people to choose a mattress after spending no more than say ten minutes of testing it in a shop. They were driven to make a difference in this market space, by offering consumers the opportunity to sleep on a mattress for sixty days before they decided to keep it, no strings attached.
They came to us with just an idea and we started with the selection of the most suitable business structure to give them the space to evolve and grow. We then layed the foundations for scale which would help prepare them for rapid growth; through best practice processes, modern technology and an employee growth plan.
After the first few months of low sales levels, they went back to the drawing board. The original website and branding theme was not as successful as the second version, which generated traction quite quickly. We provided them with key information from collated data. This start-up went from $0 to $5m in turnover 2 years; and then to $300m in 7 years.
It wasn’t easy in the earlier years as competitors rapidly appeared. We took an Agile based approach, which allowed the business to grow smoothly and easily in iterations. Collaboratively we provided support for their idea to become a reality. With a heavy focus on strategy, the business was kept simple and manageable.

Social Enterprise to Change the World
A serial entrepreneur wanted to make a positive impact by creating a social enterprise that could change the world. Working on this for the last 5 years, he approached us with multiple ideas that were scattered, unfocused and not well described. Seeking help from many consultants, he had wasted a lot of money on businesses who could not understand his vision, or if they attempted to, they got it wrong.
Through a serious of workshops and getting to know the business in more detail, we were able to understand the grand scale ambition. In one week, we had the foundations of the business finalised and the strategy on how to bring it to the world. The clarity of the path forward enabled the founders to feel comfortable with their ideas and they felt ready to make it a reality.
We created a governance structure; operating models; corporate structure; business models; business plans; and project management their start-up with them. This social enterprise with a global scaled vision was now off and running in an expedited way.
Within 6 months, their first business stream launched, achieving sales in the first month. The business is now on track to launch and scale three other innovation ideas in the next 12 – 18 months.

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