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Two young work colleagues approached us with the desire to sell mattresses online. While shopping, the pursuit arose – he realised that the idea of choosing a mattress after only say ten minutes of testing it out was impractical and should not have to be an accepted convention.

While the pair each had backgrounds in engineering, their drive to effectuate this pursuit was passionate given their level of knowledge in this field. It inspired them to make a significant difference in this market space, by offering consumers the opportunity to sleep on a mattress for sixty days before they decided to keep it, no strings attached.

As most start-ups have in common, what they came to us with was nothing more than an idea. However, innovative clients who think critically always intrigue us, so we were very excited about working with these entrepreneurs. We had to turn this concept into a viable business.

We helped them select the structure of the business that suited them at the time, which also gave them space to evolve and grow.

We laid down the foundations for strong business that provided them opportunity to face rapid growth with best practice processes, modern technology and an employee growth plan. They took care of the production and operations with our guidance.

After the first few months of low sales levels, they went back to the drawing board. The original website and branding theme was not as successful as the second version, which generated traction quite quickly. We supported them by providing key information from collated data. We used this to make decisions that shaped their business into the thriving one it now is, achieving $5m of turnover in the first two years.

We took an Agile based approach, which allowed the business to grow smoothly and easily. We considered each three-month period as a quasi Timebox and incrementally learnt from the outcomes of the business performance to make decisions for the next iteration. This continued until the business gained stability.

Collaboratively we provided support for their idea to become a reality. With a heavy focus on strategy, the business was kept simple and manageable.

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