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The Asia-Pacific tax department of a large international manufacturing firm were having difficulties executing their tax related obligations for the region efficiently. They had several employees with the relevant expertise in tax perform the role, however they were each highly reliant on external advisors.

Each year, there were no improvements internally, resulting in a large external cost with no value added. After reviewing the department’s operations, we discovered that automation was required in order to innovatively streamline the processes.

Junkeer implemented several changes to the organisation, commencing with the introduction of specific software that automated approximately 50% of their existing manual processes. This eliminated human error, which was critical in this context due to statutory requirements.

Junkeer then trained the team to complete the required tasks internally and maintain intellectual property within the team for future years. We created a new approach to the data pack preparation to allow for faster time frames.

We were able to save the business over $1m in external advisor fees. We negotiated with the external advisor regarding the provision of value added services, which was money now better spent.

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