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A large national pet food wholesaler was being held back by their time-consuming stock management system which incorporated Microsoft Excel. Although they found it reliable, it wasn’t designed to manage inventory. The client was resistant to make the change due to the quantity of historical data that would potentially not be transferred across to the automated system.

Through understanding and collaboration, we helped introduce Unleashed into their business. As with any software implementation, data migration is usually the most problematic aspect of the transition, without the right support. Given this, we took control of data migration to make sure it was a smooth journey during which they could maintain business operations.

Once this was completed we ensured the system setup was executed correctly – this did not stop at the implementation of the actual software. We conducted training and provided support for the whole organisation to make sure all employees were guided through the change.

The business now benefits abundantly from the software’s extensive capabilities and are seeing a plethora of successes arise from this automation. By simplifying their stock and information management simultaneously, we facilitated sustainable change that soon became engrained in their whole business identity for the better.

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