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Tech for Wine
In the midst of experiencing Australian bushfires, a winery client approached us to help them scale. Knowing they were going to have a difficult year, they would need to streamline their business.
They had only undergone a new technology ecosystem implementation in the last two years, however were not experiencing the benefits of streamlining automation. Their software was clunky; the ecosystem was not incubated and their staff were not using it effectively. Experiencing it breaking in a number of areas, they engaged us for a new system.
We implemented a new hospitality ERP and integrated it with their website and finance software and documented the procedures while providing ample training for staff.
We project managed website developers to add improved functionality to their website which would effectively manage their wine club members and replace their existing industry based system.
The business was able to save much needed costs of three full time human resources in the process. The client now is automated and is ready to tackle further scale.

Choosing the right technology Vendor matters
The headquarters of a very large retail franchise knew that they needed to update their ERP system. With members needs always increasing, the ability to support them was becoming challenging. The volume of transactions was on the rise and they knew if they wanted to scale further they needed to streamline and automate their operations.
The business engaged and procured a technology vendor for implementation of an ERP. After paying the full project fee up front, their system was not still not implemented 12 months later. The technology vendor requested information from the client and offered no support to them on how to complete the information request, this placed the project at a stand still.
Despite prioritising this project and allocating ample recourses to it, the client could not achieve the implementation. They engaged us to support them.
Within 4 weeks of engagement, the ERP system was up and running. We then reviewed the clients business, and helped them make the necessary configuration decisions. We supported them through the data migration and trained their staff on the new ERP system. As a result of this, the business was now able to realise their ROI. The business was now able to focus on the scale they desired.

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