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The Careers portfolio of a Tier 1 level University approached us seeking assistance to improve the performance of their team after a recent merge of three business units. The head of the portfolio was concerned about handling a silo effect of each business unit continuing to operate as they did prior to the merge.

Through liaison, it became apparent to Junkeer that it had been a long time since the roles within the portfolio had been evaluated, even prior to the merge. The client’s request was to update the position descriptions to allow the head of portfolio to encourage more team collaboration.

Upon interviewing the key personnel within the portfolio, it was clear the merge created the need for a new strategic direction. While it was not in Junkeer’s scope originally, we recommended an updated vision and strategy with tangible objectives.

This was needed before we commenced the redesign of the position descriptions, to achieve the highest level of success from the change initiative. We created new position descriptions based on our recommended strategy to cultivate a high performing team.

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