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Big 4 banks are forced to innovate

Be it robo-advisorsy, cryptocurrency, insurance quote bots, or new methods of payment, top Fintech companies like Lufax, JD finance and Zhongan (China) along with Oscar, Avant and Sofi (USA) are taking the world by storm. They simply offer more convenience at a lower price!  Will Fin-tech Drive the Big 4 Out of Business? How has […]

Augmented Reality – More than just a Pokemon game…

Many of us have heard of virtual reality and have seen people with smart phones strapped to their head, terrifying themselves in virtual worlds. That is usually how far the general perception of virtual reality goes. And augmented reality? Is that the same thing? No, it is vastly different. According to Digi-Capital, the augmented reality […]

Can communication be automated?

It’s easy to overlook the flaws of your business processes when you’ve been doing them a certain way for an extended period of time. The simplest forms of automation can improve your business in ways you may not initially anticipate. Many organisations we deal with are often unaware of areas of their workflow that can […]

Going paper light, an easy win

We’ve all heard, seen and been a part of it before – the “extinction” of paper. The exponential growth of digitisation. Though you may not have consented this movement to take place around you – we are in the process of stepping away from the physical into the infinite (and perhaps precarious) digital realm. Whether […]

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