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Autonomous cars are about to change the way we live

The Internet-of-things is soon to take over the roads. Self-driving cars are expected to bring about as much of a paradigm shift as the telephone did decades ago. Yes, in 2018, our dependence on location is not very high. We can reach the other side of the world virtually in seconds. Despite this, our roads […]

How to make smarter decisions …

Decisions come in all shapes and sizes. The choices, whether big or small, can make or break a chain. So what does your decision-making chain look like? Well, in any given organisation, decisions are now made in multiple spots in the ladder or hierarchy; by a range of different people; or as a result of […]

How your governance framework is holding you back …

Imagine if every time you received a text message you had to draft a response in writing, send it in a letter to your big brother who lives on the other side of the world and then await the response before you could send the text? Seems absurd. We would not allow such superfluous and […]

Tip of the Day – Communication is Key

We all know how easy it is for a client project to become larger than anticipated. We also all know it’s important to regularly touch base with clients throughout your service delivery. So why do we still have communication barriers? Did your sales team assume your operation team was delivering the news, and your operations […]

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