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Changing the shape of mental health in Manningham …

Over the past few months, Junkeer have been mentoring the amazing applicants for Manningham Business Excellence Awards. Among a number of applicants with whom we have had the privilege of working, we learnt of the admirable work and care Jigsaw Psychology in Park Orchards, Manningham provide. We were thrilled to unearth the innovation, forward thinking success and community contribution in which the applicants participate. 

Good Luck Jigsaw Psychology !


The mission fueling the range of work Jigsaw Psychology does is to empower individuals to achieve greater happiness and well-being at an affordable rate – making mental health as inclusive as possible. The Child, Teen and Adult Psychology clinic provides professional counselling, therapy, assessment and support using evidence based psycho-education and strategies. With a genuine commitment to help individuals as well as raise awareness of the importance of early intervention, the clinic has expanded and achieved success over the past twelve months. Now providing consultations at local schools, kindergartens and spreading their knowledge in education sessions for parents, carers and educators at the Park Orchards Community Learning Centre, local Primary and Secondary schools and at childcare centres; Jigsaw make their mark on not only their clients, but the wider community.

Jigsaw Psychology understand the gaps in society’s knowledge of mental health and are seemingly doing all they can to fill them. They strive to be a preventative service by teaching evidence-based skills and techniques. In understanding each patient’s unique needs they ensure each session is tailored and maintain transparent communication. In addition to quality care for their clients, Jigsaw see the importance of work-life balance and have measures in place to maintain a healthy workplace culture. The clinic offers peer supervision so each psychologist can debrief together and each practitioner is entitled to a 30 minute break after their 50 minute consults to use how they need. Providing quality, as opposed to quantity is a mantra from which we can all take inspiration.

Despite being a health clinic, they recognise that marketing is still an important aspect of any business – whether your service is a marketing product, or provision of healthcare. In our experience, we often encounter health practices that do not see the benefit of marketing, or even the need for it. Not only do their existing clients benefit, but marketing health care contributes to the community. Jigsaw understand that raising awareness of their brand, their mission contributes goodness to society as they are actively improving the lives of their clients, those who they educate; they are ultimately providing a channel through which those in need can seek connection. Recently, they began writing articles for Our Child Manningham such as their piece on Children and Anxiety. In addition, they created a Facebook Vlog. Their very first one, “When the anxious brain takes over, our children will react in a number of ways”, reached over three thousand people within the first day of going live.   

Jigsaw’s story shows us a few things: that business success is not simply defined by profit – their success can be seen in the lives of their clients and the increased understanding of mental health within their community. Another common misconception that we encounter a lot with health clinics is the unwillingness to use marketing to spread awareness. We are delighted to see Jigsaw Psychology successfully reaching new audiences and sharing their knowledge with a wider demographic that is constantly growing. This health clinic is consistently treating their work as not just a job, but rather, making their work an endeavour to impact society. It is so important to remember to take a step back and look at the bigger picture and we are thrilled to see clinics like Jigsaw doing exactly that.  

We wish Jenelle and the team at Jigsaw Psychology the best of luck for the Manningham Business Excellence Awards, which will be announced in November.


For more information call 03 8657 8626, e-mail admin@jigsawpsychology.com.au, visit their website here, or their Facebook page here.