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Good luck Paper Saver – Manningham Business Excellence Awards

Over the past few months, Junkeer have had the privilege of working with Paper Saver, among other star businesses who have applied for this year’s Manningham Business Excellence Awards. During our mentoring program we were excited to discover the many businesses pushing boundaries and thinking progressively – not only creating innovative products but contributing goodness to the community and environment. 

Good Luck Paper Saver !


Paper Saver is a unique business contributing goodness to the environment by creating a new use for your scrap paper. Founded by architect, Jon Yong, they have created and developed a one-of-a-kind notebook which they claim is ‘the last notebook you’ll ever need’. Paper Saver alert us to the idea that although paper can be recycled, it can only be recycled 5-7 times. They have created a cost-effective way for everyone to make more use out of the paper of which they have only used one side. The aesthetically pleasing notebooks are designed to resist common wear and tear by being scratch resistant. In addition, the notebook is lined with faux leather to increase its life.

For a relatively new business, Paper Saver have shown great initiative in supporting their local community and environment. They cater to the individual as well as corporate customers who wish to increase sustainability awareness – their notebooks can be customised to suit branding needs. On top of this, Paper Saver have reached even broader demographics when they supported a tree planting initiative at Ruffey Lake Park and TreeProject, donating proceeds of sales on World Environment day.

Besides being a new business who have found their own niche in the sustainability market, Paper Saver also maintain a work-life balance. Being a small, family operated business, they acknowledge how easy it is to over-work. Paper Saver understand how balance in life actually maximises productivity and enthusiasm.

With constant re-development and future plans to improve and expand their products, Paper saver are a growing, promising business who have embraced partnering with their community, over-seas ventures, and social media avenue.

We wish Jon and Michelle at Paper Saver the best of luck for the Manningham Business Excellence Awards, which will be announced in November.


For more information visit their website here, check out their Instagram here, e-mail info@papersaver.com.au,  or visit their Facebook page here.