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Our Ideology

We consider organisations falling into three categories.

a) Ones that are organically growing;

b) Ones that are staying still;

c) Ones that are unconsciously dying;

Our ideology is to introduce a fourth category:

d) Ones that are deliberately scaling!

So what is the difference between growing and scaling?

The intention is the same, it's the behaviours that are different and therefore the outcomes are different. Teams that grow organically don't always follow a plan; their focus may be scattered; they may not innovate constantly; they are comfortable with the status quo; they believe that growing sales is all that is required to scale; growth takes great effort; and they don't necessarily have a 'BHAG' (Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goal). They may achieve their short term growth targets, but haven't planned for much more than that.

An organisation that strives for deliberate scale demonstrates a different set of behaviours, one that has a higher probability of achieving a higher ambition. They create a scaling strategy and convert it to a plan, they set the ambition and targets, they work in logical and methodical way to execute the changes they need, they look to optimise all that they can in the business, they work collaboratively so as to use the best of the resources available to them. They seek guidance from external influences, they build networks; they never stop learning. They are focused and deliberate with every move they make. These are the types of organisations we help to build.

The Junkeer Scaling Model includes global thought leadership, as well as our own. The Junkeer Lens, which is Step 2 in our Model, is our own proprietary framework used for the optimise business component.

Why the lens?

Scaling is a big job. Any other approach that just focuses on fixing one or two areas of business, will achieve just that, one or two areas improved. Every challenge in business has multiple sources that might be contributing factors. We therefore apply a multifaceted approach to optimising an organisation for scale.

Our experience has shown that organisations need to achieve a harmonious balance of key areas in business. The 8 components of the lens represent those key areas, which individually need to be optimised, and collectively set the foundations of strength ready for rapid scale. This framework is designed to break down silos within the organisation.

Through this holistic lens, we can execute change correctly, most effectively and achieve lasting results. We ensure specialists/subject matter experts are used efficiently in the process. To scale into the new era, an organisation must address each essential component of the eight part lens and ensure they are harmonious and connected.

The outcome?

Scale through optimisation.

When an organisation has minimal weaknesses, it is able to overcome challenges and seize opportunities with ease.

Why not put yourself in the best position to compete?


Strategy should be embedded in the organisation.


Simplification benefits are underestimated and is a hidden opportunity.


Human brain power should be valued - let technology do the mundane work.

Information Management

Accurate, succinct and real-time information is powerful.


Revitalise governance to enhance your strategy.


People give life to an organisation.

Culture & Leadership

Optimised Culture & Leadership increases employee engagement.


Innovation is a mindset and requires practice.


An organisation, no matter what type, exists for a purpose; whether it be for profit, not-for-profit or a member based association. The purpose and vision should be clear so it can drive the organisation.

The ‘how’ is the strategy. A strategic plan not only gives the organisation a specific pathway to follow but it provides a tangible measure of success. Leaders have the power to set best fit strategies and then achieve them. Giving life to the vision and strategy allows employees to align their personal objectives with the organisation’s. Complemented with strong corporate values, the organisation places itself in the optimal strategic lens.

We set a succinct and unique vision; aligned corporate values; clear and realistic prioritised objectives; and we then implement and execute the strategy with you.


Simplification not only improves productivity and creates time to add value in new ways; it makes everyone’s work life easier.

Junkeer use innovation to remove complexities, bottlenecks and inefficiencies within the organisation. We design new, simple and highly agile process maps that make efficient use of time and people. We discover what is meaningful in an organisation. By streamlining tasks we unlock opportunities. We harmonise processes to reflect the organisation’s vision and strategic needs; their cultural needs; and the industry environment. Maximising resource use saves the organisation money and increases profitability.

Simplification is essential for the betterment of employee performance, motivation, satisfaction and retention.


Digital disruption excites us, but we understand that implementing automation successfully requires acceptance from people, changes in processes and a workplace culture that adopts innovation. Automation and/or digital transformation initiatives must be embedded into the organisation’s culture in order to last. We take a holistic approach to implementing digital solutions, always involving change management principles amongst our other lens segments.

Automation includes the change of ERP systems, inclusion of apps and software to allow on ground functionality, going paperless, empowering information management systems and much more. In short, it makes lives easier. With so many options, structuring the most fitting ICT infrastructure takes skill and requires a holistic perspective.

Information Management

There are many ways we enable organisation’s to manage information. We make collecting, reporting, processing, storing and accessing information easy. We design the business intelligence dashboard based on the organisations’ needs. We teach organisations to understand their top ten metrics for decision making and ensure this information can be produced at a push of a button. Obtaining useful data and communicating information is vital. To optimise information management we make sharing and using information accurate, simple and valuable.

Know the power of your data. We can help you capitalise your information to potentially create new revenue streams. In a data driven society, we ensure your organisation not only has historical data at your fingertips but you also make room for new era data to help you with your future.


Governance must be active - not just words on a page. Governance must be revitalised regularly to make space for an organisation to advance. Traditional methods of governing organisations hold back progress. With modern governance, organisations can be agile; make smart decisions swiftly; and constantly move and evolve. Junkeer removes rigidness and outdated controls/policies in your governance framework to enable freedom to innovate and simultaneously ensure regulatory expectations are met and risk is managed sufficiently.

We provide tailor-made frameworks such as risk management, decision-making frameworks and more in our governance packs. We automate as much as possible, so that your governance aligns with and enhances your strategy.


People give life to an organisation. Despite how unique people are, it is possible to align your people with the organisation’s vision. Junkeer understands how to inspire people, achieve employee engagement using our Junkeer Engagement Model* and achieve maximum productivity at the same time. Meeting you and your people’s needs while untapping the most value from them is possible with our assistance.

Using our emotional intelligence and our Engagement Model, we transform the environment to allow people to constantly accelerate the organisation’s strategies. We have tools to carry out leading personality assessments; we redefine concepts of position descriptions and organisational design in modern workplace environments. People are your organisation, we make sure you look after them.

Culture & Leadership

Every human has their own unique personality, just like every organisation has its own unique culture. We optimise workplace culture so that it directly supports the organisation’s vision and strategy to enhance staff engagement and increase productivity. Behaviours drive greater output and increased performance (which has a direct link to both profitability and cash flow); as well as its brand and reputation. Using our Culture Matrix tool, we can devise a cultural shift plan and execute change management to transcend the organisational attributes to the ideal state.

Good leadership requires regular training. All leaders need development because leadership skills never stop evolving. Junkeer use assessment tools developed by organisational psychologists, personality testing tools, learning management partners and broad offering to enhance the leadership capabilities within the organisation.


Practising innovation is the essence of our profession. We understand the difference between innovation and imitation. We understand how to breathe life into an innovative idea. We actualise innovation, mitigate risk and collaboratively execute. Making innovation a part of your culture allows the organisation to be dynamic and constantly evolving.

We innately use innovation through the provision of all of our lenses. We can specifically workshop innovation concepts with the organisation, to train employees to be inspired to continue to adopt new ideas and processes such as design thinking. Being an innovative organisation means opening yourself to risk, change and most importantly, opportunity. We believe there is always room to innovate as creativity is infinite.