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Seamless technology in the classroom is the key to untapping new purpose.

Often when we see schools with the latest software, the most expensive technology, and flashy infrastructure, we link this with quality education and fast paced learning. But anyone with money can buy expensive things. Superficially investing in new infrastructure or technology based on its price, aesthetic or “wow-factor” can be damaging to your organisation. Don’t […]

Big 4 banks are forced to innovate

Be it robo-advisorsy, cryptocurrency, insurance quote bots, or new methods of payment, top Fintech companies like Lufax, JD finance and Zhongan (China) along with Oscar, Avant and Sofi (USA) are taking the world by storm. They simply offer more convenience at a lower price!  Will Fin-tech Drive the Big 4 Out of Business? How has […]

Ethics is worth an equity premium

In 2018, 135 honorees were recognized as the worlds most ethical companies. These companies span 24 countries and 57 industries. This year’s honorees hold record-level involvement with their stakeholders and their communities around the world. From measuring and improving culture, to leading authentically and committing to transparency, diversity and inclusion. Being ethical pays off. What […]

Autonomous cars are about to change the way we live

The Internet-of-things is soon to take over the roads. Self-driving cars are expected to bring about as much of a paradigm shift as the telephone did decades ago. Yes, in 2018, our dependence on location is not very high. We can reach the other side of the world virtually in seconds. Despite this, our roads […]

Is your organisation ready for a consultant?

The most successful organisation leaders are those who are proactive enough to use their initiative and take action. Pursuing goals, progressing and evolving is achievable for anyone who invests the right energy into it. Working out how to choose the right consultants means ensuring you receive a return on your investment. Choosing the right consultant […]

How to make smarter decisions …

Decisions come in all shapes and sizes. The choices, whether big or small, can make or break a chain. So what does your decision-making chain look like? Well, in any given organisation, decisions are now made in multiple spots in the ladder or hierarchy; by a range of different people; or as a result of […]

How your governance framework is holding you back …

Imagine if every time you received a text message you had to draft a response in writing, send it in a letter to your big brother who lives on the other side of the world and then await the response before you could send the text? Seems absurd. We would not allow such superfluous and […]

Good luck Paper Saver – Manningham Business Excellence Awards

Over the past few months, Junkeer have had the privilege of working with Paper Saver, among other star businesses who have applied for this year’s Manningham Business Excellence Awards. During our mentoring program we were excited to discover the many businesses pushing boundaries and thinking progressively – not only creating innovative products but contributing goodness […]

Changing the shape of mental health in Manningham …

Over the past few months, Junkeer have been mentoring the amazing applicants for Manningham Business Excellence Awards. Among a number of applicants with whom we have had the privilege of working, we learnt of the admirable work and care Jigsaw Psychology in Park Orchards, Manningham provide. We were thrilled to unearth the innovation, forward thinking […]

Augmented Reality – More than just a Pokemon game…

Many of us have heard of virtual reality and have seen people with smart phones strapped to their head, terrifying themselves in virtual worlds. That is usually how far the general perception of virtual reality goes. And augmented reality? Is that the same thing? No, it is vastly different. According to Digi-Capital, the augmented reality […]

Does your business recognise intersectionality?

Globally, we will see revolutionary transformations in the new era. Typically, we imagine this as a move towards technology and automation. We often forget the way these global shifts will affect the actual people – outside of making work more efficient and easier. Why do we automate? If your response includes the idea of making […]

Good luck Helloworld Lower Templestowe – Manningham Business Excellence Awards

Over the past few months, Junkeer have had the privilege of working with Helloworld, among other star businesses who have applied for this year’s Manningham Business Excellence Awards. During our mentoring program we were thrilled to unearth the innovation, forward thinking success and community contribution in which the applicants participate.   Good Luck Helloworld Lower […]

Blue Ocean Strategy – The Smartphone of Restaurants

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. For decades restaurants have been competing using this similar format. There is a sea of restaurants that use this format, who might even offer nearly exactly the same dishes. It’s a sea where every restaurant chases after the same market, so eroding market share of competitors has become the norm. A sea […]

Most businesses are solving problems incorrectly.

For many, operating a business free of obstacles, free of stresses and free of problems is an unattainable dream. Instead, we are faced with pain points – some we anticipate and others that come as surprises. Most businesses deal with these pain points and unexpected obstacles the wrong way. More often than not we misidentify […]

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