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Junkeer Scaling Model

The Junkeer Scaling Model was designed to do all the hard work for you.

There is an abundance of information available to us in the technology age. TED talks, Forbes articles, LinkedIn posts, this is just the beginning of a list of places where thought leadership is presented every minute of each day. If the list was continued we would run out of space on this page. Now imagine the time it takes to read all of this, evaluate the arguments presented, test the credibility of the idea, formulate the way this idea could be incorporated into the organisation and then ensure it is implemented in a way that cohesively works with all the other ideas and initiatives needed in your business. It is no wonder you sometimes think, 'no thanks'.

This problem is what we at Junkeer solve. We did it for you and will continue to do it so you don't have to.

By aggregating the thought leadership into one neat scaling model, we have made it possible to gain insights from the best of the best, in an implementable way.

The curated scaling thought leadership, including our own, as good as it is, is useless left in a form of a thought. It must be implemented. So our methodology focuses on both the scaling model and its execution.

The Junkeer Scaling Model

Execution: The 'ING Process


We gain a deep understanding of your scaling ambition and the roadblocks in the way.


We tailor and design realistic, sustainable and original scaling solutions to suit your ambition.


We execute with you to ensure your scaling targets are achieved.


We are committed to ensuring you experience the scaling benefits along the way and ultimately the ambition.


We believe in always having the end in mind. In this phase, we begin by setting your scaling ambition. We need to be collectively clear what we are targeting, so we will know how to recognise a successful outcome.

Scaling is a journey; and with all journeys there is no defined "start" or "end". This is too ambiguous for us, we like to take a structured approach to scale. Measurement is part of this approach. Establising a baseline for where you are on the journey now, and then later measuring again will provide evidence of movement. If there is upward movement, then scale has been achieved.

At the end of this phase, we will have identified your scaling ambition, targets, preferences, expectations, challenges and gaps. We are now ready to move on to imagining your new scaled future.


Now the fun part, designing your future organisation with you. We are an agile firm, so we design small chunks of your business at a time. We know a lot of change can be overwhelming. This is your journey, you choose how the story goes, we are just the guide. You can choose to first design based on your immediate pain points. We continually cycle through this ING Process until all your selected challenges are overcome, so you will have plenty of opportunity to design many different innovative ideas over the journey.

Using design thinking principles and the Junkeer Scaling Model, we create your unique, tailor-made solutions. We ensure to consider your organisational culture, obligations, talent pool, vision, strategy and resources. You will notice the difference of receiving a completely bespoke solution, as opposed to reusing a solution designed for someone else. We love recycling, but we never recycle solutions. Now we are ready to be involved in the implementation.


We say it again, action is understated. The world is filled with brilliant plans that are unfortunately never actually executed. We can execute the entire scaling journey with you, if you want us involved. We have the expertise to overcome roadblocks; use us as much as you need us. Alternatively we can empower your team to execute. The choice is yours, either way it is our promise to get things moving.

If you choose us to be involved, our style of work is collaborative; we maintain open communication and meet deliverables. The change is managed for you, to make it as easy as possible for you to continue on with your day to day operations with minimal disruption. We are now ready to measure the impact we made.


The effort involved in the previous phases will be in vain if there is no positive impact to your business. The scaling journey is not always free of unpredictability, but we aim to control the things that are controllable. During the impacting phase we tweak and refine any initiatives that did not perform to plan until they do.

While evaluation of their success is often overlooked by many other consultants, Junkeer places high importance on the final phase of our ING Process, which involves the measurement of impact the scaling initiative has made on the organisation.

In some cases, the results will not be evident for months, so our support continues until you notify us that you are satisfied the objective is complete.

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