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Our Methodology

Junkeer is a company of like-minded, talented, professionals purpose built for the new era.

Everything we do is based around movements and actions.

So, we're always...






Which is why we like to refer to ourselves as an 'ING' company... one that gets things moving. Born from a dynamic of fincancial services, Junkeer understands the importance of ROI and we structure our recommendations accordingly.

And while most businesses recognise IP as merely standing for 'intellectual propery', for us it also stands for a unique proprietary 4-stage Ing Process:


Identifying the need for change is often as difficult as convincing yourself to make the change.


Each business is unique; just like our ideation process.


Our involvement is what makes us stand out from the crowd.


We care to measure the impact of the outcome to your

We're crossing culture, crossing boundaries and crossing disciplines with a special affection for all things in the Health, Financial Services, Government and Retail sectors.

We're ready to get moving... are you?


Gaining an understanding of your organisation’s market forces allows us to truly empathise with and therefore factor in your daily pressures.

This enables us to identify how equipped your business is to compete in the current
environment. In the identification phase our focus is on aligning your organisation’s
objectives with current operations.

Together we will prioritise which aspect of your business requires attention. During this scoping phase, we will outline your options, agree on expected outcomes and prepare relevant documentation.


Our solutions are generated with careful consideration of your culture, your obligations, your talent pool, your vision and your resources.

We provide realistic ideas that return a positive NPV and can be proven to satisfy the needs identified.

Our innovative recommendations are practical and easy to implement. Sometimes the smallest decisions lead to the most rewarding outcomes.


We take accountability for the change initiative, manage the project from start to finish, and have the technical expertise to overcome roadblocks.

It is our mission to make the change as easy as possible for you and your organisation. Junkeer takes accountability for the entire process from the smallest detail to the more complex challenges.

We work collaboratively with your organisation to ensure a successful outcome is achieved.


The effort involved in the previous phases will be in vain if there is no positive impact to your business. The project outcomes are determined in the initial identification stage.
While evaluation of their success is often overlooked by many other consultants, Junkeer places high importance on our final step, which involves the measurement of impact the change initiative has made on the business.

In some cases, the change’s results will not be evident for months, so our support
continues until you notify us that you are satisfied the initiative is complete.

We're here to help