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Our Methodology

We are an ‘ING’ firm. Inspiring, transforming, innovating, implementing… doing everything ‘ing.

Executing real change and achieving sustainable outcomes.

Which is why we like to refer to ourselves as an 'ING' firm; we get things moving. We believe action is understated in society and in business. Our methodology is designed to allow us to implement ‘action’ well. The process kicks off with a deep dive into ‘why’ the action is required. Once understood, we design the action using new era principles and then we implement the action. We don’t stop there, we ensure the action results in achieved outcomes and continual progress in the right direction. This is our ‘ING process.

Most businesses recognise IP as ‘intellectual property’. For us, it also stands for a unique proprietary, four stage ING Process:


We gain a deep understanding of your organisation to identify the source of the symptoms.


We tailor and design realistic, sustainable and original solutions to suit your purpose.


We execute with you to ensure your goals are achieved.


We are committed to ensuring you experience the benefits.


One dimensional solutions are not built to last. The root cause of inefficiencies, problems and gaps is affected by multiple factors. To truly solve the problem and find an effective solution, we must first gain a deep understanding of your organisation. We need to identify whether the cause is internal or external, and where it is internal, specifically what the contributing factors are.

Once we have identified the underlying causes, we need to determine just how equipped your organisation is to resolve this challenge on your own. We use our 8 lens assessment tool to review each segment and how much it contributes to the challenge. This diagnosis is comprehensive and can be scaled to any engagement. We ensure we gain and use sufficient information in the imagining and involving phases to arrive at a solution that will be lasting and simultaneously increase optimisation.


Now that the object of the engagement is well defined and understood. The creativity can begin in the Imagining Phase. We allow our insights into best business practices, new era trends, awareness of the latest technology and much more, inspire us to create originality for you.

We create unique, tailor-made solutions that consider your organisational culture, obligations, talent pool, vision, strategy and resources. You will notice the difference of receiving a completely new solution, as opposed to reusing a solution designed for someone else. We love recycling, but we never recycle solutions.

Our ideas are both innovative and realistic. We make it easy and practical to implement them. We innovate in order to keep things simple.


We say it again, action is understated. The world is filled with brilliant plans that are unfortunately never actually executed. We have the ability to manage the project from start to finish and beyond. We have the technical expertise to overcome roadblocks, so we can take full accountability for the entire process, from the smallest detail to the more complex challenges. Use us as much as you need us. Alternatively we can empower your team to execute. The choice is yours, either way it is our promise to get things moving.

If you need us to complete the implementation of a project, our work is collaborative; we maintain open communication and meet deliverables. The change is managed for you, to make it as easy as possible for you to continue on with your day to day operations with minimal disruption.


The effort involved in the previous phases will be in vain if there is no positive impact to your business. The project outcomes are established in the scoping process and are front and centre of our minds during the entire ING Process.

While evaluation of their success is often overlooked by many other consultants, Junkeer places high importance on the final phase of our ING Process, which involves the measurement of impact the change initiative has made on the organisation.

In some cases, the change’s results will not be evident for months, so our support continues until you notify us that you are satisfied the initiative is complete.

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