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Retailers have the power to create time: the benefits of apps and third parties.

Modern shoppers are growing increasingly demanding. They are hard to please, demand convenience and have the attention spans (and sometimes temper sizes) of children. They don’t just want a brick and mortar store, they want an ~experience~. They don’t just want an experience, they want same-day delivery. But like children, retailers must nurture the modern shopper and their growing needs. So what do you need to provide this?

Technology; it saves you time.

1. Leverage the increased number of retail-centric apps to stay competitive.

It is difficult to meet the growing demands of the modern consumer. So accept that you cannot do it alone. App development is easier than ever. With the right approach you can gain a great return on investment. Similarly, existing apps and third party providers will allow you to leverage the growing number of channels through which to access your shoppers and potential customers. Modern shoppers want convenience and they want to be able to act fast. So get help and let them!

2. Enabling shopping across multiple channels.

Reach your customers through every possible channel. Selling your products via Instagram is simple using digital solutions to create Instagram-worthy images and use software such as Like2Buy to make it easy for your customers to buy directly from the image. The modern shopper only has time for a few taps. Make tapping the final button ‘purchase’ an obvious action for them.

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3. Use third party providers to innovate your omnichannel.

Simply having an innovative omnichannel is sometimes enough to entice new customers. It might meaning coming up with a completely new way to reach customers or deliver their products. Or it might take teaming up with a logistics company to innovate their delivery experience. For example, AT&T’s recent partnership with Enjoy, the commerce platform, allows their customers to receive hand-delivered phones from experts who can set their phones up for them in person at their door.

Omnichannel efforts go a long way. The assistance of apps or third party providers might be the catalyst you need.


Creating time is easy with the right assistance.

Expect more innovations to arise at a faster rate. It takes agility to take on these innovations strategically or accept changes smoothly. So accepting that technology can create time is essential – technology will allow you to engage with your target market and the ever-growing demographic – the permanently distracted modern shopper.

Take control by using the right tools and implementing them holistically. Do not waste time on half-hearted implementation or tools that are not the right fit for your business or customer. Allow everything to work together harmoniously – that means choosing third party providers that actually provide outcomes that sync seamlessly and make work easier.


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