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Business Modelling

Organisations at any stage of their life cycle should consider modelling prior to endeavouring into new opportunities or assessing alternative ideas.

Junkeer designs business and financial models with thorough research, collaborative input and innovative thinking. Our models are customised to suit the business vision, by actively listening and understanding the objectives in detail. Using our financial expertise, we assess viability by preparing multiple scenario analysis’ to decide which financial model optimises results. Our model enables variable plugs. Multiple options as well as their varying impact can be considered and calculated. Upon delivery, Junkeer demonstrate ways the model should be used to attain information to continue making smart and swift decisions.

Business modelling

From simply an idea in mind, a business model can develop. Business modelling involves analysing the income generating structure, which includes pricing models, delivery method and goods and services to be offered. Along with the capital and cost structure.

Financial modelling

Financial modelling allows for critical analysis, in depth and calculated predictions and foreseeable performance.

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