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Change Management

Every individual and circumstance is different. Change management adapts the approach to accomodate any situation.

Managing change appropriately can mitigate resistance and contribute to the smooth implementation of an initiative.

Early introduction of a change manager is the optimal way to achieve holistic change within any organisation. Change managers can guide your business from strategy to implementation, ensure long term sustainability, and maintain a healthy workplace culture.


Amongst the hype of starting or managing a company, organisations often neglect addressing their identity. Junkeer works with organisations to consolidate branding and imaging, ensuring its identity is not lost and the rebranding is perfectly aligned to the organisation’s marketing needs.

How We Help:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Marketing initiatives
  • New market strategy
  • Business transformations

Role Analysis

It is important to conduct regular assessments of employees roles to ensure that they are being carried out strategically. Junkeer aligns and repositions roles to enable the execution of tasks in the most efficient way possible. Role analysis can have a significant impact on the organisation’s output.

How We Help:

  • Organisational chart
  • Position descriptions
  • Role matrix


Employees are the building blocks of every organisation; creating a unique workplace culture. Obtaining the appropriate corporate culture is powerful in contributing to the success of the organisation. Through collaborative processes, Junkeer is able to identify the ideal culture for your organisation and strategically implement this into the workplace.

How We Help:

  • Culture presentations
  • Culture workshops

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