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Project Managment

Junkeer collaborates with the organisation to identify the scope and objectives of the project. Selecting the most suitable approach; ‘Agile’ or ‘Waterfall’. Allocation and utilisation of resources are then designated to the project team and implementation, testing and monitoring deliverables throughout the project life cycle.

Junkeer understands the importance of providing support post-completion of the project to ensure sustainable success.


This is a results orientated approach, focusing on achieving outcomes in small increments of time. It utilises the concept of iterative development which allows you to learn from the stage that was just completed before commencing the next increment.

It has a reduced focus on documentation compared to the waterfall approach.

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The waterfall approach is undertaken by many organisations in delivering projects in a traditional way. This methodology places great emphasis on upfront planning, with the end result firmly in mind.

Time, cost and quality are variable inputs in the process.


A project management office aims to establish standards and sustain their applicability across projects within the organisation.

Support and guidance is required to implement efficient practices to your PMO and to ensure that the PMO outcomes are aligned with your corporate objectives. This may involve PMO strategy, design and/or setup.

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