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Every business is trying to grow and scale.

The common thing stopping them is that they sometimes don’t know how to achieve large scale – the right time, the right information and right support aren’t easy to find.

There are also so many challenges in the way such as employees, technology, analytics, culture, cash flow, sales and processes, it slows down any chance of growth organically.

We hear this all the time so we decided to do something about it. We created a scaling model that can be used to grow your business and overcome any challenge in your business.

The Junkeer Scaling Model is a 5 part framework that can be implemented in any order, to generate great scale for you quickly. If you would like to multiply your business by 2,3..10,..15 then this model is for you. Scaling an organisation can be broken down into TWO parts: Pre-Sales and Post-Sales. Junkeer is an expert in Post-Sales Scaling. You can engage us to scale your business in the following ways:


Know how is useless unless it can be implemented. You can choose for us to implement as much or as little of the Junkeer Scaling Model as you have the budget for. We essentially consult with you to create the entire scaling strategy and then we implement it.

It is that EASY.

Once the strategy is set, your management team focuses on running the business; whilst we work in the background creating the infrastructure for scale-ability.

Scaling Course

If you prefer to do it yourself, we have created a Scaling Course to assist you. The course is designed to provide you with the ‘Know-How’ in a practical and implementable way. You will be shown theory, useful techniques and be asked to complete exercises. The course resource base gives you tools and templates needed to complete the exercise. The course can we watched in ONE business day.

Once you have watched it in full, we suggest you go back to the beginning and create a schedule for the implementation. The implementation can take between 12 – 26 weeks depending on the availability of resources and time.

Strategy & Training

If you just want access to the intellectual property behind the model and/or would like to be trained on how to scale the business internally, we offer a light version of the Scaling Model. This service involves workshops, creation of plans and in-house training.

We're here to help