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Our vision is ‘Making Ambition Reality’ and our Why is “Opportunity for Humans”. These statements mean so many different things to us. Apart from making your scaling ambition a reality, we believe ambition and opportunity can and should be offered to as many groups of people as possible.

We want all organisations to scale and thrive, it will create a better world for all of us. It is important to us that organisations with the ability to change the lives of people, get all the help they need. It is for this reason we whole heartedly support not-for-profit (NFP) organisations and Social Enterprises that are aligned with our values as a business. Examples of our recent NFP work include:


B1G1 is an organisation that is helping create more impacts in the world than you ever imagined possible.

The idea behind B1G1 is to instil a habit of giving. You buy one, you give one. It works both in a business setting and in a personal one.

We are supporting B1G1 in their scaling journey which essentially involves creating a movement of giving. Everyone can get involved, the giving can be as little as 1 cent for 1 impact (which is their traceable measure of giving). Join us in supporting this important cause and be part a community that positively changes the lives of billions of people.

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to visit their website.


ForByTo is a movement to ‘action change’ in the world through commerce. A consortium of For Profit companies establishing a global network of ‘localised fiscal and social ecosystems’ that Shares Profits back into local communities to fund Social, Health, Economic and Environmental initiatives. The SHEE impact.

We are orchestrating ForByTo’s global scaling strategy and execution. We are enabling this social enterprise to break new ground with their innovative business models and creating the infrastructure for them to generate a whole lot of profit, in order to give it away to those who support the people’s economy.

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Are you a NFP?

If you are a NFP or a Social Enterprise and are looking to scale your organisation, enquire about how our services can work for you.

Optimising your organisation helps maximise the reach of the limited funding you do receive. Our aim is to ensure the investment in us will allow you to stretch your funding further and progress your cause sooner.