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There are so many challenges and obstacles to overcome in business. Whether its systems, processes, people or culture, whatever the challenge, it usually consumes a lot of energy out of the business. If your business scaled by 10 tomorrow, these challenges would soon become a very large scaling disaster.

One thing we know with certainty is that everything inside a business is interconnected. If you want to solve a people challenge, it may involve a fix of systems and leadership. If you want to solve a technology challenge, it may involve a fix of culture, strategy and innovation. EVERYTHING is interconnected.

To fix business challenges permanently, you need to get to the source of the issue. Understanding the interconnected relationships within a business helps you find the source quickly. Our Junkeer 8 Lenses helps us do exactly that. Using this framework we are able to fix your business challenges. These are the common challenges we fix:


The most popular of the challenges we come across is automation. Businesses are being held back from their scaling dreams because of their outdated inflexible systems. They have tried for years to ‘patch’ the problem with bandaids. As soon as these wounds are sore enough, they start seeking a solution.

Fixing this challenge is more than just finding new software. To get it right requires you to design the ideal
technology ecosystem. Then it requires plenty of other non-technology changes for example process change, culture change, governance change, analytics change and people change.

Attempted automation solutions don’t always fail because it was the incorrect software that was chosen, but usually because the other supporting changes weren’t considered. Our optimisation service looks at the whole picture.


It is amazing that for so long organisations have been making decisions with gut instinct or outdated information. The ability to have insightful information for decision making has now become a critical challenge for all organisations.

The only problem is that it is difficult to have strong analytics without a great technology ecosystem. So if you need to solve your information challenges, start by reviewing your automation.

Once the systems are producing the summary information needed, knowing how to build this information into the decision making process becomes the next area we help organisations solve. Having all the information in the world is not useful for scaling unless you know how to use it wisely.

Change Management

In nearly all cases, every organisation we meet for most parts know how to solve their own challenges. The problem they face is that the solution involves significant change, and they feel like their organisation does not cope with change well.

Every organisation that has ever scaled successfully did so by constantly embracing change. Scale is change.

The statement “People don’t like change” is an urban myth. “People don’t like change they don’t understand and can’t visualise” is the correct statement. As change managers, we know the key to change is about creating awareness through effective communication. And creating desire through effective knowledge sharing and pictorials.

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