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Engaging People

Creating proactive employees driven to add value and align their goals with your organisation’s strategic objectives is possible using the Junkeer Engagement Model.

Our approach reshapes the way your employees interact with your organisation.

Made up of eight components, the model creates an environment conducive to engagement and unlocking employee’s intrinsic motivation. Our tool is quantifiable, so it measures levels of employee performance and engagement and allows you to monitor it over time.

Employee engagement takes time and practice. We believe in practising it wholeheartedly and thoroughly. Make your workplace a space in which employees feel fulfilled and empowered to exceed your expectations.


Culture is a key element of engagement. It is the personality of the organisation and therefore affects employee’s attitudes towards the organisation. The cultural ‘feelings’ are often organic and untamed.

To optimise engagement, we introduce a set of ideal cultural attributes. A cultural shift is a strategically planned process to ensure the organisation’s culture transforms into its optimal design.

Single Lens Engagement

The Junkeer Engagement Model is composed of eight elements. Each worthy of optimisation individually.

The single lens approach allows you to focus on the engagement challenge most pressing to you. Once holistically optimised, engagement is enhanced.

Optimised Engagement

Optimising all lens segments achieves comprehensive engagement, through all aspects of the organisation. Achieving this makes a true impact on the profit and productivity of the engaged workforce.

Engagement is difficult to achieve, therefore it is usually a low priority.  The Junkeer Engagement Model makes the process easy and unlocks the power of people.

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