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Engaging People

Your key to scale lies within your people. So engage them to activate your scale.

For so long organisations’ have taken the view that when they hire an employee and pay them their salary, in return the employee should produce amazing work. As nice as this would be in theory, the reality is far from this.

This view of the world doesn’t work, businesses now have to put effort into engaging employees. This effort, if just for productivity, will still not achieve a high level of scale.

To significantly multiply your business, you now have to create deeper relationships with each one of your employees. It is the easiest way to achieve great scale.

Don’t worry, it isn’t as hard as it sounds. Here’s how you can do it simply:


Culture is a key element of engagement. It is the personality of the organisation and therefore affects employee’s attitudes towards the organisation. The cultural ‘feelings’ are often organic and untamed.

To optimise engagement, we introduce a set of ideal cultural attributes. A cultural shift is a strategically planned process to ensure the organisation’s culture transforms into its optimal design.

With the right culture your scaling journey is made easier because everyone’s behaviours are aligned with the goal ahead.


As an accredited Sharetree Partner, Junkeer are able to implement the Sharetree platform within your organisation to achieve the cultural and engagement environment you desire and help you be able to track engagement amongst your employees.

To find out more about Sharetree click here to visit their website.

Engagement Lens

The Junkeer Employee Engagement Lens is a holistic framework used to engage employees. By applying the assessment tool you can identify the potential level of disengagement. With this knowledge, leaders within your organisation can make a conscious effort to increase engagement through decision making and applying a higher EQ.

Focusing on engaging people as a high priority is a common habit exemplified by the some of the largest companies in the world and is part of their winning formula.

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