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How to beat “Time”

If only I had the time… were never the last words of anyone who successfully scaled a business.

Time is yours, your management team’s and your employees most precious commodity. Let’s face it, it’s everyone’s most valuable commodity. Yet it is wasted all the time.

Let’s not lose time anymore because of failed initiatives, pointless meetings, poor communication, bad systems, and the list could go on.

Creating capacity to scale is vital. If you have plenty of funding for new human resources to create that capacity, fantastic. If you don’t, you need to beat time, it is simple and here’s how:

Strategic Execution Rhythm

Too often organisations are spending too much time on the wrong priorities. They work tirelessly on the day to day business as usual items, however this rarely leaves room for anything else. It is no wonder the strategic plan falls behind. There just isn’t enough time, so they think.

So Junkeer created the ‘Strategic Execution Rhythm’. By applying this very simple framework, we have been able to help organisations scale very quickly.

Magically they were able to find the time to scale.

IP Extraction

Do you know how many hours in a day are spent finding out how to do things? It’s a LOT! Intellectual Property needs to be managed better if you want to beat time. Imagine a world where everything in your head and all of the people in your organisation’s heads were extracted and bottled up to be used wisely every day.

You don’t need to imagine, we do this every day. We call it the IP Extraction service. It involves the modern recording and documentation (throw the old manuals out the window) of the intellectual property held within your organisation.

This is not the same as documenting processes. Think of it as the capturing and safeguarding of your businesses’ secret herbs and spices. This will be why your scaled business will be worth so much – don’t forget they can’t buy you, so it needs to be extracted.


If everything in your business was streamlined and worked like a machine, you would save so much time. The Junkeer Optimisation service does this for you.

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