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Scaling your business involves lots of little steps done well. We recommend you try a workshop as your first scaling step.

Our workshops are designed to give you clarity around your scaling ambition. They also uncover the reasons you haven’t achieved the type of scale you want to date.

All our workshops can be run in either a 3 Hour time slot or 6 Hour time slot. The workshops are entirely customisable to suit your scaling needs. The most common scaling workshops we run are:

Identifying Workshop

Our identifying workshops allow us to examine your organisation holistically and identify specific areas in need of attention for scaling. This workshop is our most popular as it IDENTIFIES both your specific scaling targets and your specific scaling challenges. The high-level Scaling Strategy is then formed.

Innovation Workshop

More often than not, instilling innovation into the organisation gets pushed down the priority list, even though you are trying to scale!! Our innovation workshops teach you practical ways to make innovation a natural part of your workplace culture and mindset. Innovation feeds the Pre-Sales part of Scaling and is a must.

Strategy Workshop

Just want to workshop the scaling strategy? No problems. Using the Junkeer Scaling Model, a custom high-level scaling strategy will be created for your management team to execute.

Design Thinking Workshop

Taking a customer-centric approach is one of the five elements in the Junkeer Scaling Model. Customer centricity is critical to both the Pre-Sales and Post-Sales parts of scaling. A great way of becoming customer centric is to instil design thinking principles and framework into your organisation. This workshop is a crash course in design thinking.

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